Top 5 Advertising Agencies in the World

The most successful advertising agencies aren’t only known for their date of establishment. Obviously, being in business for a long time often signifies the legitimacy of an agency, and having the competence required to provide customers the best ad service. These are often the main attributes that draw the attention many customers to the ad agency. Even the top ten international advertising agencies in the world, according to global business ranking, understand that the best ad business is about giving customers what they really want. In the end, it is the clients, not the agency employees that become the backbone of any successful ad business.

Many companies have grown from a small ad business to the most successful advertising agencies we know today. To be honest with you, the list of the best ad companies is too long, but if you are looking for the best to work with, you might want to consider the top five advertising agencies in the world listed below.


Mullen is known to be an early adapter of social media. They are popularly known for their bundled integrated model, an ad technique the company has used for long to provide the best services to its customer base. Mullen knows what their customers want; they work around customers’ needs to deliver top-notch services.


Droga5 is known for its creative and top-notch ideas. In fact, it falls in the category of companies that continue to dominate the advertising market for years. The company works with some of the biggest clients in the world.


Martin is known for creating the most powerful adverts in the US. In fact it works with big companies, including Pizza Hut and Walmart.


The company became a popular ad service in the world within a short period of time, thanks to the leadership of Miles Young, the CEO of the company. It is still going strong today with many big companies availing of its services.

Grey Advertising

Grey Advertising is one of the most powerful market oriented ad agencies in the world. It is renowned for its great adverts and creative personnel.